Below you will find the questions we most often hear from our customers. If you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us at anytime!

  1. Do I have to be present during the service?
    No. We will notify you when we arrive and when the service is complete. We will need access in your vehicle if you request an interior cleaning service, so you can either leave the keys for us or unlock your vehicle.
  2. Do I need to unload my vehicle before a wash?
    We typically do not remove large objects and will clean around them unless the owner of the vehicle
    removes them prior to the wash.These items include, but are not limited to:
    – Piles of clothing
    – Children’s toys and school supplies
    – Sporting equipmentAssociates will remove all objects for an extra Unloading Fee except for:
    – Car seats, booster seats, or pet seats
    – Face masks or other used sanitary items
    – Firearms, blades, or other objects deemed dangerous by Associates
    – Rusted/sharp/heavy materials deemed too dangerous to moveThese objects will not be moved by our Associates, even if an additional Unloading Fee is paid.

    In the event that the customer does not want to personally remove the items, they may ask the Associates to do so for them for an extra fee. If you do not accept, the Associates will do their best to clean around the objects.

    All unloaded objects will be taken out and replaced. Wash-it! Mobile is not held responsible for any objects that are damaged or lost when moved.

  3. How long will it take to complete the service?
    Average time to complete a wash is 1.5 to 2 hours. Please allow us a thirty minute window for arrivals – we promise to hurry, but sometimes we get delayed in traffic or through providing exemplary service. We care about you and will be there ASAP!
  4. Can I schedule a same-day appointment?
    Due to the popularity of our service, we are no longer able to schedule same day service. Please visit our booking page to find your preferred time and if it is not available, a standby list is available in case of cancelation – please call to have your name added.
  5. Do you use high pressure that could damage my car?
    No worries! We hand wash and hand wax all vehicles.
  6.  How much does it cost?
    Please refer to our Pricing page for more information.
  7. Does the car need to be near a water source?
    Nope, we bring our own water and only use 1.5 gallons per wash. We do ask that you consider parking in the shade.
  8. Do you always spray the vehicle with water?
    We do not always spray your vehicle with water. Our water has a wax in it, which can leave streaks on your vehicle if it is sprayed directly onto the vehicle rather than hand-washed. Our Associates will determine if spraying your vehicle is the best course of action following their initial on-site evaluation.
  9. Do I have to meet you at the car?
    Nope, we will be happy to come to you to retrieve keys if necessary. Just specify when you request service. Please consider parking in the shade.
  10. Do you wash motorcycles or four-wheelers?
    Absolutely! Please call to arrange your unique vehicle.
  11. Do you wash large motor homes or recreational vehicles?
    We surely do, please call to make an appointment.
  12. What if I live outside Tyler?
    No problem! Please call and let us know where your car is and we will try to accommodate you. We travel to these locations without an added travel fee:
    – Tyler
    – Whitehouse
    – Flint
    – Troup (Some Areas)
    – Arp (Some Areas)
  13. May I schedule a car wash every Friday?
    Most definitely! Many of our customers request recurring appointments, whether it’s monthly or weekly. Just let us know and we will get you scheduled.
  14. Do you offer gift cards?
    Yes, we do. The gift of a Wash-It! Gift Card would be a great reward or present for anyone!
  15. What is your cancellation policy?
    A cancelation fee of 25% will be assessed if we are not contacted sooner than 24 hours before the appointment.
  16. Do you offer commercial discounts?
    All commercial rates are 15% off when you schedule 3 or more vehicles. Please call to schedule.

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