Wash-It! Mobile Car Wash Pricing

For the Best Mobile Car Wash Service in Tyler simply choose your Level and we will Wash-It!

Payment must be made prior to service or upon completion of the service.

*All vehicles with 3 rows of seating are considered “Large”

Exterior Only

This is our most affordable mobile wash service. We will wash and lightly wax your vehicle at your location, cleaning the tires, rims, and windows in the process. We will not open the vehicle.

$40.00 – Small Vehicle
$45.00 – Medium Vehicle
$50.00 – Large Vehicle

Standard Wash

This is also a mobile service. Outside we wash and lightly wax your vehicle. We clean the windows, tires, rims, and wheel wells. For the interior, we vacuum, lightly dust, and remove any trash. We do not remove mats or treat the seats.

$65.00 – Small Vehicle
$75.00 – Medium Vehicle
$85.00 – Large Vehicle

Deluxe Wash

This is our most popular wash with full mobile service.

We wash the outside of your vehicle and lightly wax it.

We clean the tires, rims, doorframes, windows, and wheel wells.

We remove the floor mats, vacuum the floors and trunk, remove pet hair, and spot treat if necessary, along with dusting the interior.

We treat your seats, clean the dash and steering wheel, including cupholders.

The doorframes and inside windows will also receive attention.

Tire Pressure will be checked and tires inflated, if necessary. Note: we cannot patch tires or change them.

$75.00 – Small Vehicle
$85.00 – Medium Vehicle
$95.00 – Large Vehicle

Ultimate Detail

Our deepest clean, both inside and out; quality attention to detail takes time and requires attention from our best staff. On the inside, we remove your seats, vacuuming and shampooing the carpet. We clean the seats, no matter the material, to the best of our ability. This includes spot treatment wherever necessary. We dress your plastics and condition your leather. Creavaces and grooves will receive special attention. The insides of windows will be spotless.

On the outside, we hand wash and dry your vehicle, dress and treat your plastics, wax your vehicle with our buffer, and hand clean and dress your tires and rims. We include your wheel wells and treat them if they are lined in plastic. Truck beds are cleaned. This is a complete cleaning and polishing, paying attention to every detail.

We perform this service at our headquarters in Tyler. We want to be thorough, so this wash may take all day to complete.

Starting at $250.00
Please contact us to schedule

Add-On Packages

You must notify us upon scheduling if you would like any add-ons as many of these processes require extra equipment. If we are not notified in advance, we cannot promise that we can give you the add-on.


Deep Spot Treatment

A great way to take out deep-set stains in cloth seats and carpets.

We cannot guarantee complete removal of stains.


Plastic and Trim Treatment

The best way to restore the black plastic on the outside of your vehicle and along your door frames. This treatment makes the fading plastic look fresh and clean, giving it a nice shine.

This package is for external plastics only, not inside plastics.


Headlight Treatment

This process takes your foggy, dark headlights, and makes them clear and bright. The plastic covers on headlights can often become cloudy over time, making your headlight beams dull. This process brightens that shine by removing some of the cloudy coverage on the plastic.

This process works best when the headlight fog is external. We cannot guarantee total restoration.


Truck Beds

As simple as it sounds – we clean your truck bed, making sure to get out leaves, debris, and trash. We give the bed and the inside of the tailgate a deep cleaning. We also clean the outside of your built-in toolbox if there is one.

For trucks only. We ask that you take out any large items from the truck bed that you want to keep such as tools, golf clubs, or work equipment. If these are left in the truck bed, we will clean around them or assume you want it to be discarded. 


$40.00 for Large SUVs or Trucks


This add-on gives you an extra shine! Using an electric buffer, we polish the outside of your vehicle after washing it. This process lightens, but does not totally remove, surface-level imperfections.

This is a long process, so please allow extra time for your wash. This process also requires your vehicle to be in the shade, as buffing a hot car can leave streaks on the paint.


Excess Pet Hair Removal

The perfect package for those who like to hit the road with their furry friends. While our SUPER Wash package helps reduce the amount of pet hair, it does not always remove it. This add-on gets that extra hair out of your carpets and seats, giving you a new leash on life!

This is a longer process, so please allow for extra time for your wash. We cannot guarantee total removal, as hair from certain cat and dog breeds can become tangled in some carpets over time.


Tire Air pressure Refill

We check your tire pressure and top it off for you with our mobile inflator! This is especialy good for the winter when your tire pressure light is going off and its too chilly to stop and fill it yourself.


Wheel Wells

We clean your wheel wells, getting all the dirt and clay away. If they are rubber/plastic, we follow up with a protectant to keep it safe and looking clean.


Under Hood

We lift your hood and clean the visible surfaces. We get rid of those pesky leaves and pine needles and then wipe everything down so it looks showroom ready.

*Note: we do not remove or clean the interior of the engine/motor. We clean the visible surfaces. If you choose this add-on, please be sure that you have not driven the vehicle within at least an hour, as the heat can burn our associates.

Extra Fees

Some extra fees will be disclosed upon scheduling. Others may not be determined until the wash has begun. The Wash-it! Associate on-site will disclose these extra fees to you before they move forward. Please note that if you do not accept these extra fees, your service may be halted or rescheduled. We will complete your scheduled services to the best of our abilities up to the point where an extra fee would take effect.

Shuttle Fee

If you require a ride to or from the shop, or need your car picked up and returned, we may require a Shuttle Fee. 

*This does not apply to the Ultimate wash

Travel Fee

If you live outside the following areas, there may be an extra travel fee:

  • Tyler
  • Whitehouse
  • Flint
  • Troup*
  • Arp*

This fee is to cover the cost of transportation and time spent traveling. This fee is dependent on the distance traveled, meaning that different areas have different travel fees. Your fee will be disclosed to you upon scheduling or upon providing an exact address. This fee is per scheduled service, not per vehicle.

*Some locations in these areas may still be subject to a travel fee, determined by the amount of time it will take us to get to you.

Extra Deep Cleaning Fee

This fee will be added to services in which the vehicle(s) require more time, materials, and equipment than expected or disclosed upon scheduling. This fee covers the cost of time and materials used as well as possible cancellations or reschedulings that may occur for customers originally scheduled to follow your service.

If you choose to move forward without this
added fee, our Associates will clean your vehicle using the amount of time, materials, and equipment used when cleaning a vehicle of average wear and tear.

This fee is per vehicle, not per scheduled service.


$15-$20 Per Vehicle

Unloading Fee

This fee will be added to any service in which Wash-it! Associates must unload large/multiple objects from a vehicle or truck bed that are not to be thrown away. We typically do not remove large objects and will clean around them unless the owner of the vehicle removes them prior to the wash.

These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Piles of clothing
  • Children’s toys and school supplies
  • Sporting equipment

This unloading fee applies to all objects
except for:

  • Car seats, booster seats, or pet seats
  • Firearms, blades, or other objects deemed dangerous by Associates
  • Rusted/sharp/heavy materials deemed too dangerous to move.

In the event that the customer does not want to personally remove the items, they may ask the Associates to do so for them. If you do not accept, the Associates will do their best to clean around the objects.

All unloaded objects will be taken out and replaced. Wash-it! Mobile is not held responsible for any objects that are damaged or lost when moved.


$10 Per Vehicle

Boats – $65 and up – please contact us to discuss your boat.

We clean RVs and Motorcycles as well. Please contact us for pricing.

Group and Fleet discounts available. Please contact us for more information.

Might as Well Have the Very Best



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